Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ruby's Party

We had Ruby's party this last Saturday. She has been 6 for a month now but, we were waiting for her best friend, Georgia to get back from her trip to the States to have the party. It was great fun the kids all enjoyed themselves! And for someone who is not so great at pulling off parties I think it went well. You may notice the writing on the cake is spelt yppah yadhtrib its not mistake it is happy birthday backwards, we had a backwards themed party and we did all things backwards, most of the kids dressed backwards and we had the cake first but under the table and then the pizzas and we played backwards games, I got the idea from my sister, and the kids loved the novel idea!


We had a couple of Halloween parties this week to attend so thought I would post a few pictures of the kids in costume. Ruby was a zombie bride at her kindy friend Aiisha's Halloween party. She won best girl costume so was very happy with that! It was a great party put together by Aissha's very talented mum who does the most Amazing kids parties. I am going to get her to do Sage's third birthday this coming January!

The other pictures were taken Saturday night at a Halloween party we were all invited too. In the group shot you can see Ruby a witch and Sage a mermaid being held by me a fairy, you can barely see me but it was the only photo taken because Dave had a mishap with the camera and the rest of the shots were blurry. Jake is in the photo too but, all you can see is his arm which is a shame because he was a pirate and he looked so cool! Dave was a wizard and his wig actually scared some people poor guy. He is not in the photo either as he took the picture. I love the shot of Sage on her own she is all brightness and light in an otherwise dark photo. The photo was taken when we took the kids out to trick or treat at a the house of a friend of the party host. You would think we would get individual shots but, we didn't it was a hectic day as we had Ruby's birthday party as well that day and thankfully took many pictures then but, were all camered out by the evening. Anyway the party was fun although we made it an early night as I had the Byron markets the following day.