Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

From our house to yours wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 
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Monday, November 24, 2008

More from Canada

Thought I would post a few more pictures. I took a lot but, the camera was on the wrong setting and many did not turn out too well. Still hoping to get and SLR camera but, will wait until 2009. Love the pumpkin shot! The second shot is Jake with baby Charlotte isn't she gorgeous! Third shot is Jake with Grandpa, whom we surprised with our visit he did not know we were coming and was very happy to see us as we were him! The final shot shows the colour of the fall leaves, what a beautiful time of year, too bad it leads into many blistery cold months.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I went home!

Ok so it has been a very long time since my last post but, there is good reason for that. Jake and I went home to my hometown, Toronto Canada and we had an amazing 5 weeks! We missed the girls and Dave a lot but, it was so great to take Jake back to Canada it had been 3 years for him so he was due a trip. And I can not even explain the luxury of travelling with a child that is now old enough to be a companion as opposed to a very needy young child as lovely as they are. I hardly knew myself. We had fun visiting some Canadian icons like the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Ottawa (the nation Capital) and of course all our lovely frinds and family. We were blessed to meet the new babies of my cousins little Charlotte and little Sebastion. The fall weather was just great and Jake enjoyed seeing all the leaves change colour and he got to carve a pumpkin with Uncle Brad and his cousins. Can't wait to go back! Thanks everyone for making out time so enjoyable!
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New fabric

Another cute nappy cover on Sage, love the hearts. And some new fabric, the second photo is fabric I will use more for boy nappy covers and bibs.
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Nappy covers

Its getting warmer again finally!!! I think it has been a cold winter! Here are some new nappy covers for the warmer months, Sage is my model and certainly not in nappies anymore but, she still looks cute in them!
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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Going through some photos from a few months ago and came across this sequence of photos of Sage. Both my girls love lipstick but, that probably holds true for most little girls. My new fabric should be here in a couple of weeks so will have lots to show soon.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting back into it

    Well its been awhile since I have posted anything creativity wise.  So here,finally, are a few items I have recently made.  I have sold to a few shops now and including the few markets I do a month, my stock is slowly depleating but, I am about to make another HUGE fabric order and will have some different designs coming for spring and summer as well as more clothes for the baby boys of this world.  Now if I could just hire a house cleaner I may find that extra bit of time I need to sew.  Will leave it here as the vacumn becons but, then so does a nap, umm what to choose?  School holidays has nearly worn me out!
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Monday, June 16, 2008


I have not posted in awhile I have been busy and have had lots going on, so thought I would jump back into it with a quick post and show some of the lovely photographs taken by the amazingly talented Sheye Rosemeyer. Makes me want to take a photography course, just to have an ounce of this talent would be great!
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Monday, May 26, 2008

New for the market

I fell in love with these 3 fabrics that I found in Tweed, I liked the subdued colours and how well they went together. I bought all the navy fabric they had with the birds on it and would love to find more somewere. I made this outfit with the reversible skirt and also 2 pinafores and 2 sets of ruffled tights and a few t-shirts.
The tights were again a big hit at Bangalow market so will make some more for Byron as I nearly sold out of all of them yesterday.
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Friday, May 9, 2008

More options of the ruffled tights
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I generally do ruflles on baby tights but, I am liking the effect on leggings too. This is a size 4 on Sage who is 3 and I have made them for someone else but, will need to make Sage a pair now as they are too cute. I am a sucker for all things girly and although I can stray from pink I still like the girly look, more pictures to come.
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Skirts

Ok so just to break from the norm, I decided to make a few different things. Last week I made a nice heavy beige linen dress with a bold green trim that crosses in the back and can be adjusted to fit both girls and a dark linen skirt with a lotus I embroidered. I will photograph those items later when I can get some good shots of the girls. Photographed here are 3 skirts I made for the markets, the pinafores always sell the best but, I thought it would be fun to try something new so I spent yesterday sewing these and they were well received I sold the mushroom one and have an order for another in some different fabric. They, like the tops are also reversible, the reverse of the mushroom one is a pink polka dot body and mushroom waistband.

This skirt is a bit big for Sage (sized more for a 4 to 5 year old) and obviously did not make her happy or was it just me brandishing the camera in her face over and over and still left with no great shots. If only I had the photography talent of the amazing Sheye! Ok, now back to getting some orders made I have been a bit behind but, will get all caught up this week, I hope!
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Friday, May 2, 2008

6 Quirks

I have been tagged by Jennifer and now need to mention 6 quirks about myself, which should be easy enough and then tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. Ok so here they are:

1) I smell books all books I just love the smell of the pages either from a new or an old book. Before I start to read a new book I smell it and then that seems to satisfy me until the next book but, I have been known to smell the same book over and over.

2) I sing which would be ok except that I can't sing, my singing voice is terrible! And it does not stop at singing it is what I sing that is strange, especially to my son. I sing strange silly songs often with made up words and with no rhyme or reason I would give an example but, those who know me best know what I mean and those that don't would think "STRANGE"!

3) I can not eat dark chicken meat, I tell my husband if I do that my throat will constrict and I will choke, and who knows maybe it actually will I believe it to be so and therefore, will not ever contemplate eating dark meat. And if my husband buys a chicken I can not carve it for I do not even like the look of dark chicken meat it has to be the breast meat and it can have no marks on it. Which leads to the small fortunate I spend on chicken breast meat because by the time I am finished cutting out all the yucky bits we are usually left with the tiniest bit of meat and therefore, I have to buy lots just to feed us but, I don't like to waste so we have one very lucky dog!

4) I hate the grocery store I hate it and will do anything to get my husband to do the grocery shopping which he usually does thank goodness. I don't know why I just hate to grocery shop and it is not because I have young children that make grocery shopping more difficult although that may be a small factor but, I hate it even when on my own. However, I love to eat so thankfully one of us does not mind food shopping. I do however, LOVE to shop for almost anything else, I even love the hardware shops!

5) As a teenager I loved freckles, and would draw some onto my nose with a brown eyeliner, just a few, and rub them in a bit, my girlfriends thought I was nuts but, I could not face the day without my few freckles. I no longer need to do this but, that is because now I have my own permanent freckles the sun decided to place them there permanently I guess.

6) I am impatient which really is not a quirk as many people are impatient but, I am SO impatient that when something goes wrong I will rant and rave until it is fixed, for example I once had my husband paint one wall in the girls room a hot pink which I had picked out but, hated it so much I pleaded with him to change it that day and would not listen to reason and just wait a week or two in case it grew on me (I knew it would not) I ran back to the store and bought new paint and bless him he changed it the very next day. Same goes with my hair, if I hate the colour I am usually back into a stylist the very next week to change.

7) I can not stop at 6 because I hate the number 6! It is my husbands favourite number but, not mine, I like 9 best but, 7 is ok too. I often do things in number sequence, splash water on my face 9 times, or do things that will add up to 9. I do it often without thinking and no one really knows I am doing it. I think in numbers a lot and will constantly add them up to get them to where I want them.

8) I have a number thing

9) And to end on my favourite number, I, like the person who tagged me, love washing clothes and love cleaning products. But because I am so busy these days I spend more time just looking at the cleaning products wishing they would grow arms and legs and do it themselves then actually get around to using them. The clothes though, they always come first and get washed a lot and at the moment all is going well because my mom is here who does not mind hanging them and folding them because as I mentioned I love WASHING them , not the hagning or folding, so when she leaves I will be at a loss.

Ok so that was a bit cathartic, and I have a many more quirks which my husband, kids and mom had no trouble blurting out to me but, there are just some things I can not admit on here!

Ok I will tag

And that has to be it because I can not think of anyone else.

Monday, April 28, 2008


This is how we spent Anzac Day. We took the kids to Currumbin, Jake wanted to try the new Adventure Park, and wanted me to try it with him. Or maybe I was convincing him to try it with me, either way we both enjoyed it, and both suffered some sore muscles the next day. Ruby and Sage of course were too young but, that did not stop Sage from trying out her jungle skills later in the kids park. I enjoy this park for the kids and the kangaroo feeding is always a highlight. Jake now wants a new pet, a lizzard, this is in part due to our Currumbin trip as we saw lots there and also in part to the movie Nim's Island, filmed here in Australia, and a HIGHLY recomended movie we LOVED it!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ava's sweet lesson

Here she is little Miss Sage as happy as can be because she was allowed to wear as many hair ties as she deemed necessary to make her hair appear, well, just perfect. I suppose a few months ago I would have told her "no too many it looks silly" but, not now and this is because of the beautiful angel, Ava Rosemeyer. A while back I read one of her mom, Sheye's, blog entries about how Ava came out of her room dressed in 7 skirts and at first her mom was thinking of all the extra ironing and putting away she would have to do, but Ava saw absolutely nothing wrong about her decision to wear 7 skirts, to her this seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do and in fact was quite happy with how she looked, and I am sure she looked divine. Her mom agreed and now many moms around the world who have read that sweet story probably all agree whether it applies to 7 skirts, or 12 hair ties, if it gives their child pleasure then who are any of us adults to stop it. No longer a conformist, I am quite happy to see what my kids pull together each day (ok maybe I still have some ground rules but, not much). And this hair idea of Sage, well it actually started this morning with 2 skirts and a dress and I would have let her go to the movie like that but, in the end she decided to wear jeans like her sister, after I pulled her hair back in one hair tie, she looked at me a bit perplexed and said "more clips" so 12 clips and hair ties later we were set. I get that it looks somewhat unorganised and yet on her I thought it looked awfully cute. Thanks Ava, because of your 7 skirts rule I learned a very simple and rather cute lesson!
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