Monday, April 28, 2008


This is how we spent Anzac Day. We took the kids to Currumbin, Jake wanted to try the new Adventure Park, and wanted me to try it with him. Or maybe I was convincing him to try it with me, either way we both enjoyed it, and both suffered some sore muscles the next day. Ruby and Sage of course were too young but, that did not stop Sage from trying out her jungle skills later in the kids park. I enjoy this park for the kids and the kangaroo feeding is always a highlight. Jake now wants a new pet, a lizzard, this is in part due to our Currumbin trip as we saw lots there and also in part to the movie Nim's Island, filmed here in Australia, and a HIGHLY recomended movie we LOVED it!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ava's sweet lesson

Here she is little Miss Sage as happy as can be because she was allowed to wear as many hair ties as she deemed necessary to make her hair appear, well, just perfect. I suppose a few months ago I would have told her "no too many it looks silly" but, not now and this is because of the beautiful angel, Ava Rosemeyer. A while back I read one of her mom, Sheye's, blog entries about how Ava came out of her room dressed in 7 skirts and at first her mom was thinking of all the extra ironing and putting away she would have to do, but Ava saw absolutely nothing wrong about her decision to wear 7 skirts, to her this seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do and in fact was quite happy with how she looked, and I am sure she looked divine. Her mom agreed and now many moms around the world who have read that sweet story probably all agree whether it applies to 7 skirts, or 12 hair ties, if it gives their child pleasure then who are any of us adults to stop it. No longer a conformist, I am quite happy to see what my kids pull together each day (ok maybe I still have some ground rules but, not much). And this hair idea of Sage, well it actually started this morning with 2 skirts and a dress and I would have let her go to the movie like that but, in the end she decided to wear jeans like her sister, after I pulled her hair back in one hair tie, she looked at me a bit perplexed and said "more clips" so 12 clips and hair ties later we were set. I get that it looks somewhat unorganised and yet on her I thought it looked awfully cute. Thanks Ava, because of your 7 skirts rule I learned a very simple and rather cute lesson!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Beautiful, is the title that best suits these 2 photos, either that or Enchanting even Dreamy. The amazingly talented Sheye Rosemeyer emailed these to me today and I can not express how grateful I am. She photographed my children in November and my house is now covered in the beautiful images she took plus I have over 60 images in a book, that I am constantly looking at. But, today she sent me these 2 images of Ruby that she played around with to get this stunning, nostalgic effect. What a nice surprise Sheye, thank you so very much!
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Monday, April 14, 2008

The beauty of childhood

Is exactly this being able to dress up anywhich way you want and know you look good! And then be able to go out because it really does not matter to a child if they have on a rainbow mask, or a crown, or even a zillion neckalces because to them its all about sheer delight and far less about what anyone thinks. Good for you girls you look delightful!
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scary Fairy

The other day Ruby had a class party to mark the end of term and for all their good behaviour. They were told it was a dress up party and in a last minute scramble, (I am always running on last minutes), we came up with this, our version of a scary fairy. She loved how she looked and loved her hair, she told me it was flat in the afternoon because all the other kids wanted to touch it. My first daughter is growing up and although still loves pink, is no longer content to keep it at that. She likes to spice things up a bit and add her own flair, she generally picks out all her own clothes now, loves a funky pair of jeans and her wardrobe has gained a lot more colours, even black.
A scary fairy? Do they come more beautiful then this?

Love you Rubes!
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Monday, April 7, 2008

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New fabrics

If I wasn't SO ADDICTED to fabric I could keep making the pinafores with just a select amount of choices but, I keep falling in love with new prints plus I think that is what people love when they come see me, all the choices!So here are my newest loves the Kokeshi doll fabric in the pink and green and the lavender fabric with the french writing. The bibs are doing well and I love the design the way they cover the shoulders and who says bibs have to be boring not me! The footless ruffled tights are also popular especially with the cooler weather on its way, I chenged the style of ruffles on this newest pair. Finally notice my mascot, he comes to every market with me now.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

This is where she works

This is where I create and usually I am a bit of a neat freak I like things organised and tidy and yet when I start to create I am nothing but. So in the end the room looks like this and it works although there is only so much one utterly nerotic neat freak can take before the room needs to turn back into:

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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I used to knit

I used to love knitting and as the weather gets cooler I really miss it , it seems simpler then sitting behind a sewing machine every night, just me in my sweats curled up on the lounge with my wool, knitting needles and a glass of red wine. This is a dress I knit for Sage nearly 2 years ago it took forever but, I loved the result. I also knit many many nappy covers, since I cloth nappied Sage, she needed some pretty covers! The bunny in the picture above sitting next to Sage is another of my knitted creations I love him it was like bringing a creature to life. He sits on Sage's bed most often but, likes to get down for the occasional tea party with the girls . The picture collage above is of some of the choices I offer for the reverse of the mushroom pinni that has become quite popular.
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