Sunday, September 30, 2007

Groovy little capri pants

I made these cute capri style pants last night and am pleased with how they turned out. They are a size 1 and I can make them from newborn to size 4. I just love how different they are I think with a white tank top with a flower from the fabric sewn on would make a cute summer outfit. I also made another bib, for a boy can't leave those cute baby boys out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

What is that in your nose?

Whose nose? Oh mine, yes that is my new piercing and you know what it hurt, no IT HURT but, hey I love it.  Oh and Fraser, I know you will be reading this, so thank you a million times thank you I love it!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New patchwork Bibs

I have taken a few photos of some new bibs I created last night. I love how they turned out. I still need to attach the snaps, 2 so it will be adjustable or velcro. I can't seem to decide whether to go with the snaps or velcro. Snaps make it harder for babies to pull off but, not all babies pull off their bibs which would make velcro and easy option. The bibs are backed with soft yummy chenille and sandwiched between that and the cotton front layer is a thin piece of cotton batting. This allows the bibs to keep your baby or toddler's clothes dry because if any one has a child like mine where drooling is as common as well, making a mess then these bibs are perfect. They are so cute too and now you wont have to feel like you are covering up your child's outfit because these bibs are designed to make the outfit with their lovely prints.

School Fair

Saturday we took the kids to the Alstonville Public School's fair. The kids had a great time on the rides and playing games. Although for Sage the biggest hit was the Fairy Floss, I hate the stuff but, what is a fair without allowing a few indulgences. It was actually funny watching Sage expend all the sugar energy by rolling down the hill about 10 times laughing more each time. I took a few pictures of the girls with their faces painted, and before anyone asks I looked for Jake for ages to get a photo of him and you think with his mop of hair it would be easy, no wait, maybe not since that particular hair style seems to be the common look amongst many 10 year old boys at present. Next time Jake you'll have to smile pretty. Today we went to Bangalow market so I could have a look around and I think my stuff will do well here. In fact, it was so busy today that I'd wished I had gotten a spot today. Next month I hope to do Byron and Bangalow markets. After the market we went to Byron for the taste of Byron festival and watched a modelling show, which of course Ruby loved, and then we ate some yummy food. This week I will be sewing LOTS and LOTS only 2 weeks to Byron markets.

What is this?

Friday night we heard Lucy barking her little heart out knowing all too well that usually means she is after some poor helpless creature we rushed outside to see what was upsetting her and we found this??? An echidna with no head, no he had a head he was just burrowing in the dirt and sticking out his quills as protection and it worked a charm because Lucy was going no where near that. He was really cute especially when he felt safe enough to come out and start waddling around the backyard and then out of the backyard back to safety.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ruby Owl - hand crafted baby and toddler wear

I have been thinking about blogging for awhile now and decided that this is the best way for me to keep in contact with my family and friends both in Canada and here in Australia. As most of you know I am an avid knitter but, was becoming uninspired and so one day in January I bought a sewing machine which was a rather scary investment since I had never sewn, not even a button on a shirt. So it was a of a bit a daunting experience, further complicated by trying to understand the instructions which were badly translated from another language. However, I was not going to give up, not after spending all that money, and am happy to say and a little surprised that it has all turned out rosy! I persevered and by doing so have come up with a line of babies and toddler wear that people like, I mean actually LIKE. I loved what I was making but, the real test was putting it out there and thankfully I have had great feedback and success at my local markets so thank you to whatever voice in my head possessed me to buy the sewing machine on that hot January day because I am once again INSPIRED and that's a good thing. Oh, and I do still knit.