Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feeling creative

My two favourites at the moment the Japanese fabrics and this very cute mushroom fabric. The taggie above I made for a customer and so loved how soft the underside was I am thinking of making them as blankets (cradle size). I had stopped doing patchwork bibs as they took more time but, was happy to do one again and liked how the combination worked here. As for Sage, I keep telling her to stop growing up, she needs to stay my baby so she can be my special model, she is not listening she is growing and rather quickly at that and now only jsut fits into my size 2-3 clothes. I might have to start making them bigger. It all comes down to time though there never seems to be enough of it, I already feel guilty sewing when the kids are up and around so that leaves only the night time and too many 3am bed times is playing with my mind! I love it though, and have 2 markets this weekend and its those that I really love, getting out there and talking to people, getting feedback and looking at other peoples creativity I love it! Happy Easter to all who celebrate.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Protestor Falls

This photo was taken in February while my sister and her family were still here. It was a great day, we hiked, we laughed, most of us got leeches (yuck!) but most importantly it was a day I will always remember because we were all together and that does not happen much when you live on opposites sides of the earth!
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

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Byron Market

I did the Byron Market today and survived the chaotic weather it was like 4 seasons in one day!!! I thought that only happened south of here. The weather did not seem to keep people away though as it was a good day and the atmosphere, as always, was friendly and colourful. My mom, enjoyed doing the market with me and is looking forward to more. The pictures above are of the market and the third picture is of Evie, my friends baby, and how cute does she look in the tights and pinni?! My mom brought the owl in the second photo he makes a good mascot, I just love him!