Monday, October 22, 2007

Where's Jake

Ok so, I thought with this post I would go through some older photos and I found some from our trip in April to the Sunshine Coast. These are not the most recent of Jake but, they remind me of the wonderful trip we had with Nanny, as we do every year at this time. The photos are not great quality but, they capture the kids all together and very happy. Can't wait to see where the wind will blow us next year.

I need another Baby!!!!

I titled this post saying I need another baby because I do, I really, really do, just look how cute Sage looks wearing the pink ruffle nappy cover! But, she is getting to big for this stuff I had to squeeze her in! Why wasn't I making clothes when my babies were babies?!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ruby's choice

Here are some photos Ruby wanted me to post. She wanted me to take photos of her last month she called it her modelling photos. Sage needed to get in on all the fun as well so here are a few cute shots of both girls.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The girls

I got Ruby and Sage to model some orders I had done for some other little girls. The top on Ruby was made out of vintage silky scarfs the my friend gave to me to make a halter top for her daughter. At first I was scared to sew with this material I thought it would shred or my temperamental sewing machine might eat it. Temperamental sewing machine? "mmm" perhaps it is time for an upgrade. Sage is wearing a dress I made for lovely Sophia. I need to take it in a bit for Sophia and since it looks so lovely on Sage, I may just keep this one and make Sophia a new one. I love this Amy Butler material and will get more of it it will make nice nappy pouches and bibs too. Diane, is keen to do another market this weekend in Lismore so I said yes as I may not be able to do Bangalow next week as I have the modelling thing with Ruby on that day plus there is the 8km Byron Bay lighthouse run/walk that morning that Tammy asked if I wanted to do with her. E, would want me to do that, in fact she said she could do it in 4 seconds, probably could. Well bye for now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is what keeps me up at night!

This post will be short and sweet its more about the photos. Here are some recently completed items which will be on offer for the next market but, already I have some orders for 5 of the items in different sizes. I wanted to take some photos of a 6 month old baby wearing some of the smaller sizes but, her mom was not at our mothers group today so next time. I also need a better camera and photographer, a few people have offered to take some photos so will have to take them up on that. Anyway I have about 12 photos to post enjoy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Somebody please find me some motivation and better time management skills. Why is that I am always up so late trying to get my sewing done? There has to be a better way especially since I told Dave I was going to start up my fitness again and I was going to run for 40 minutes before he went to work, well you know what he did?, he laughed! As though he did not believe me, but, really how can I get up at 7am when I am sewing at 1:30am?! Although to be honest it is one of those things that has to be seen to be believed, that being me getting up early but, it will happen. I even bought an ipod and once I load it up with some good music I'll be off and running. My sister, the marathon runner, gets here in 95 days and I know she will be looking hot! Well I am off to the library with Sage so will end it here and post a picture of a cute dress I just finished for a customer.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Isn't she cute"?

I made this outfit the other day for the market and may just need to keep it, Sage looks very cute in it. Sadly one of my fabric orders has not arrived yet and I was looking forward to this particular order so I could make a few dresses for the Byron markets. Next time I guess, anyway I have a fair bit of stuff already made. I will still sew tonight and a little tomorrow but, really just want to get organized tomorrow, get everything tagged and ready. We have been invited to a barbecue so may go to that but, I have set myself some strict restrictions NO WINE well maybe just one, but, I have to be in Byron by 6am and you all know I am not a morning person!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Strawberry Delight

Finally I have found something Sage loves which has colour. Normally she eats only beige things, just beige any shade of beige, wheetbix, crackers, bread, and if I can include chocolate here, you get the picture. But, look she is eating something red, and its good for her. So slowly but, surely she is opening up her taste buds, oh and the other day I saw from the corner of my eye she was eating something green, it was her broccoli and I nearly slid off my chair!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Loving the Japanese fabric!!!

I just completed this cute outfit for the Byron markets. It turned out well and the pants were not as hard to make as I imagined. The top, of course, is reversible so I photographed it with the capri pants with both ways showing front and back. Aren't the pockets cute on the pants?! I will next attempt nappy covers since we are coming into summer.
I am also posting pics of Sage in another of the reversible tops that I made last night which I love the owls!

I am over the moon with this fabric I got from Japan will definitely order more from there. Still waiting on a big American order hope it gets here today as I am only 4 sleeps away from the markets and I can not sew tomorrow as it is Ruby's birthday, turning 6 yeah! I have arranged for Jake to go to a friends and Sage will be in day care so Ruby and I will go out for lunch and have a girly day maybe get our nails done and I will buy her a new outfit. Her party will be early November when Georgia gets back from the States.

The top picture is more of the yummy fabric from Japan.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A week of Sewing

So this week I will be sewing A LOT! I am coming up with new ideas but, will also stick to the basics since they sell well, those being the pinafore tops. I have made a few more capri style pants and will post a pic of those tomorrow I just have to put the elastic in. In the meantime here is a picture of Sage in a top and skirt I just made for the markets. Also I will make a few taggies here is one I did which has the juicy fruit fabric on one side and a very soft pale pink fabric on the other a perfect sunggly for a baby girl. Well back to work.